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Synergy Imperia Beverages Pvt. Ltd.


As instant tea premix manufacturer and exporters in India, Recharge Beverages is an arm of Synergy Group of Companies which has it's forte in cardamom tea premixes, masala tea premixes and coffee premix. Established in 2005, we are proud to introduce our self as ISO 22000:2005 certified food processing unit of 'shots of happiness'. Recharge Beverages is known for it's use of 100% natural food ingredients like Cardamom seeds, Ginger, Masala, Blueberry and Tomato powder. We cater to the on-premise F&B requirements, using state-of-the-art machines, like tea vending and coffee vending machines with branded premixes enabling people to sip their favourite beverages when outside the comfort of their homes. So whether you're at work, the mall, a multiplex, a college cafeteria, or simply waiting at the airport or a railway station, You can enjoy your favourite drink at the push of a button. We are mass processors of the novelty ready-to-mix instant powder beverages like Saffron Tea / Zafrani Karak Tea, Blueberry Iced Tea premix and powdered Nariyal Pani premix.For further details, please feel free to call us and get recharged today!

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Recharge Beverages has a forte in the art of blending natural ingredients to create the best tea and coffee in the whole wide world. We have 14 different variants for cardamom tea premix. Within product variants, we have established a thorough supply of our premix acroos the GCC nations through our distribution network.
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Blueberry Iced Tea Premix Manufacturer
Blueberry Iced Tea Premix Manufacturer USD 11 USD 10.6 Bluebberries consist of the maximum antioxidant capacity of all the berries. They are slightly sour while highly sweet and therefore, popular for iced teas across the world. Recharge's Blueberry Iced Tea Premix is latest entrant in our cold beverage variants. True 1518930506
Cardamom Ginger Tea Premix Manufacturer
Cardamom Ginger Tea Premix Manufacturer USD 6 USD 5.65 Recharge's Cardamom Ginger Tea consists of a punch of ginger and a tinge of cardamom. Our team attempts to redefine the word 'kadak' with this new variant of our arousing range of tea premixes. True 1518930414
Masala Tea Premix
Masala Tea Premix USD 7 USD 6.5 At Recharge Beverages, we make our own blend of spices for masala chai using black cardamom seeds, cinnamom, dry ginger, cloves, black pepper and cinnamom. This tea, consisting of multi-herbal health benefits, is an excellent choice for any time of the day. True 1518931984
Cappuccino Premix
Cappuccino Premix INR 0 INR 0 Rich and velvety in body, Recharge's Cappuccino Premix will relax your senses. True 1518932637
Iced Tea Premix
Iced Tea Premix INR 0 INR 0 Revitailse your body with Recharge's Iced Tea having an abundance of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. In fact, Iced Tea is a healthier choice over a range of sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks. Its has the capacity to avoid cavities as well. Our lemon tea mix not only tantalizes your taste buds with a tinge of lemon but also sprinkles them with ultra sparkle of sweetness. True 1518933081
Premium Coffee Premix
Premium Coffee Premix INR 0 INR 0 Luxuriate in a moment of awakening with Recharge's Premium Coffee Premix. This shot of elegance is the most convenient path to moksha True 1518932526
Mochaccino Premix
Mochaccino Premix INR 0 INR 0 A scrumptious combination of chocolate, espresso, steamed milk and foam. Recharge's mochaccino primarily constitutes of a punch of chocolate in a cappuccino. True 1518932930
Coffee Premix
Coffee Premix USD 6 USD 5.6 Relive an authentic coffee shop experience in your own office with Recharge Coffee Premixes. The mountainous growing conditions and the natural tropical climate give this coffee beans blend a balanced and fruity bitter tinge. Our superstars, the coffee beans, are actually the seeds of the coffee tree spread in the high altitude regions of southern India. Recharge's uniquely aromatic coffee, with it's silky texture, owns all the qualities of arabica and robusta coffee beans. True 1518930648
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