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Tea coffee vending machines or dispensers have traditionally been incorporated in the sub continental market with premix or ready to mix instant powder market. These are mixtures of milk powder, sugar, tea / coffee and their complimentary falvours like vanilla, chocolate, kesar / saffron, cardamom / elaichi, masala, ginger, tongkat ali, ginseng and so on. In the last few years, the scenario has changed with the onset of fresh milk based coffee beans crushing cappuccino vending machines. The market gap here is that India is a tea drinking nation which need tea on the go. At the same time, corporates require a fully automated machine in order to fulfill their Management Information System objective. This is where Recharge beverages comes in. We are the only manufacturers of fully automated tea and coffee decoction based vending machines in Maharashtra. Herein, the tea is prepared through the boiling of CTC tea and brewing of crushed coffee beans ie. filter coffee powder and not instant coffee powder.
In terms of quality and quantum of tea at international level, Indian tea is the most thriving export community. In terms of Indian Tea, there are several variants like Assam Tea, Darjeeling, Siliguri, Nilgiri etc. As Assam is considered good for it's karak tea, Darjeeling is considered as the best for it's strength, aroma and the maximum punch out of a single cup of tea. This is why we've recently launched our range of Al Karak Premixes of green tea, black tea, coffee and a lot more.
Recharge Beverages is a export oriented manufacturer of hot chocolate premixes as well. As such, we keep several variants within the chocolate division like mild, normal, strong, mochaccino and mocha tea. Our hot chocolate premix is made using the nature's best cocoa powder, milk powder and cane sugar. Cocoa powder is obtained naturally or through the 'dutching'of cacao beans in USFDA regulatory authorised food processing conditions.
Our export quality tea and coffee premixes are exported with supreme quality packaging. The packets are made of outer lining of aluminium and poly. There's a scope of using extruion for extended shelf life and lock-in of aroma as well. For example, our use of black cardamom seeds involves a very slow aroma secretion into the premix. This is retained inside the packet by not allowing higher temperatures to release fumes outside the packaging material. Please visit for further details.
Green tea leaf and premix are commonly consumed in India using boiled water because of our tradition of boiling black while preparing authentic ''desi doodh ki chai' , çhai me patti', or 'chai tea'. We must understand the properties of a green tea leaves to be able to understand that green tea must not be boiled in 100 degrees celsius water for several minutes. Instead, it's to be strained in about eighty degrees celsius water for 2-3 minutes. As such, people drink green tea for it's health benefits like skin glow and better digestion. These benefits are availed through antioxidants called Catechins, which are commonly found in cocoa powder and tea. These polyphenols are mostly thrown away by the body because it's not easy for the human body to absorb most of them into our blood. Therefore, it's highly advisable for us to add Vitamin C (Citric fruits like lemon and orange) or/and sugar in the green tea. The presence of either or both of these ingredients helps our body to absorb the polyphenols and thus, helps us attain our initial reform of absorbing the maximum benefits out of our cuppa of green tea. Moreover, green tea premix can be dispensed through fully automatic vending machines as well.

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